The 74-year-old met with the Democratic Presidential nominee in Cleveland, Ohio, on Wednesday (17Aug16) before his show at the Quicken Loans Arena, the Washington Post reports.

Hillary's motorcade stopped by the venue, and the pair met behind closed doors to discuss a variety of topics, including the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, their families, and the presidential race.

MCCartney's third wife, 56-year-old Nancy Shevell, was also involved in the pre-show meeting. No photos were taken, but MCCartney posted a shot on Twitter of him posing with Hillary, and cheekily captioned it, "She's With Me."

Clinton's campaign slogan has been for the most part "I'm With Her", with supporters and celebrities alike using the slogan as a hashtag on social media to confirm their support for the first female Democratic presidential nominee.

Local radio station WTAM posted the photo on Facebook and got some diverse reactions, including from those who said they dislike the former Beatle's choice of political sides. "I love Paul's music but like him just a bit less now,” said one fan.

The legendary musician previously performed a concert for current U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in the White House back in 2010.