Sir Paul McCartney jams with Johnny Depp in his new music video.

The iconic rocker has paired up with the 'Alice in Wonderland' actor for his latest promo clip for his latest single 'Early Days', and director Vincent Haycock described it as an ''incredibly fun'' shoot.

He said: ''Paul's scene was incredibly fun to create. It was just him, some blues players and Johnny Depp jamming on set all day.

''Patti Smith also turned up on set and hung out, which made the crew very happy! One of my favourite days of filming ever.''

The video is said to be a tribute to the 'Hey Jude' hitmaker's partnership with the late John Lennon - and their early beginnings as songwriters.

Vincent added: ''Their story at its core is a universal one, two young kids who bond over their passion for music and form a band and friendship.

''This video is about them, and every band, and every kid who has suffered the ups and downs of starting a band, whether or not they became successful.''

It's not the first time Johnny has appeared in video for Paul McCartney, after he most recently starred in the clip for 'Queenie Eye' in 2013.