The Mirror has published photographs of Paul McCartney and his wife NANCY SHEVELL laying flowers at the Whitney Houston memorial in Los Angeles. The former Beatle paid tribute to Whitney on Sunday night at the Grammys when he dedicated his performance of 'Golden Slumbers' to her. In the photos, he is seen laying flowers and blowing kisses at the memorial, which is situated outside the Beverley Hills hotel where Houston passed away on Saturday (February 11, 2012).
Nancy Shevell accompanied her husband on the trip, to pay her respects as well. The couple both took time to read the messages that had been left for the revered singer. The Mirror has also stated that Whitney's funeral service will be held at the New Hope church in New Jersey, where her singing talent first came to the fore, as a child. Fans have reportedly already begun leaving candles, balloons and flowers by the church's wrought-iron fence.
Official confirmation of the cause of Whitney's death is yet to be released. It is expected that the toxicology reports could take between 4 - 6 weeks to arrive. It is suggested in The Mirror, though, that she had been drinking champagne and beer before she died and there is a strong suggestion that she had also taken a large number of painkillers. The article states that "Police are now anxious to find out how a recovering crack addict, with a long history of drug and alcohol abuse, was able to get hold of such a vast quantity of prescription drugs."