Sir Paul McCartney says Robbie Williams delayed him from making his latest album.

The Beatles legend has been interested in making 'Kisses from the Bottom' - an album covering old rock 'n' roll standards - for a number of years, but other artists, such as the Take That star, kept beating him to it.

In a live web chat, Paul Explained: "Every time I came to make this album someone else would make one. As soon as I thought 'now's the time', Robbie Williams came out with one. And I thought, 'I can't do it now because it's going to look like I'm jumping on his bandwagon.' "

Robbie released 'Swing When You're Winning' in 2001, while Rod Stewart also inadvertently delayed Paul's record as he has recorded five parts in his 'American Songbook' series since 2002.

Paul added: "Just as I thought, 'now's the time,' Rod Stewart comes out with one, so I thought 'oops, can't do it now'.

"But I ended up with a different direction to anyone else, and the songs are not quite as well known as the ones other people have done."