LATEST: Sir Paul McCartney's estranged wife Heather Mills has defended video stills printed in a British newspaper yesterday (12MAR07) which show her wearing a mink coat - crediting her mother's death for her fashion mistake. Mills, a vociferous supporter of animal rights, was branded a "hypocrite" by sister-in-law DIANA KARMAL, who said, "When I see her anti-fur campaigns now, I always chuckle." But former model Mills insists she wore the coat to remind her of her late mother, adding she was not an anti-fur supporter in 1989, when the footage was taken. She says, "The coat belonged to my mother, who sadly died just a few days earlier and I wore it as it made me feel close to her. "I am not ashamed I wore it. At the time I was not a vegetarian and was not an anti-fur campaigner. I was extremely young and not aware of issues surrounding the fur trade."