Sir Paul McCartney's wife Heather Mills embarked on a punishing fitness regime to maintain her sexy physique after the birth of baby BEATRICE (30OCT03).

However, unlike many image-conscious celebrities today, the blonde beauty, who tirelessly campaigns as a United Nations goodwill ambassador, is snubbing diets in favour of wholesome natural food.

She says, "I don't believe in diets because I tried them all while modelling in my twenties - my weight yo-yo'd and all I could think about was food.

"Being a vegetarian, I eat a varied and wholesome diet. I simply eat no white produce if I'm gaining a few pounds and treat myself if my clothes feel loose.

Mills has also returned to the gym, working out five days in a row: "When I eventually did get back to the gym, I started gradually with two days a week, varying my workouts with Pilates, yoga, bike training and weights."

But she's found that the hardest part of staying in shape is "the discipline of going to the gym in the rain, sleet and snow when all you want to do is stay in bed".

17/03/2005 17:26