Sir Paul McCartney's wife Heather Mills is determined to protect their daughter BEATRICE from media intrusion by any means necessary.

The former model refuses to poss with her 16-month-old daughter for press photographs - and she is more than prepared to put her martial arts training into practice if anyone crosses her boundaries.

She says, "I'd love to talk about my baby but she deserves her privacy so I protect her like a wild woman from the jungle.

"I'm becoming proficient at martial arts now so if needed I'll use it, especially after what happened to poor JOHN (LENNON) and GEORGE (HARRISON).

"You'd think the media would understand our concern. I will never exploit my baby because if I do, it gives the press the freedom to pursue and photograph her all day."

The 37-year-old has already hit back at paparazzi photographers who have over-stepped the mark and invaded her privacy. One snapper tried to get a picture of Beatrice as McCartney and Mills enjoyed breakfast in a London restaurant, while two paparazzi chased Mills as she travelled alone in a taxi.

She continues, "Paul covered Bea with an umbrella while I tried to distract the photographer. Then I felt he needed some cleansing so I poured a bottle of mineral water down his chest."

"On another occasion I decided to film two guys dangerously pursuing me in a taxi. I wasn't with my husband or baby, yet they overtook a car to catch up with my taxi, mounted a kerb and nearly knocked over a mother and child in a buggy... I was forced to get out of the taxi and them take a picture before they killed someone.

10/03/2005 18:04