Sir Paul McCartney's wife can still vividly remember the day she lost her leg in a freak motorbike accident - she was annoyed about getting blood on her new trainers.

Heather Mills McCARTNEY's leg was severed when a police bike collided with her in London in 1993, and she still can't believe what thoughts went through her head as she lay in the road in a daze.

She recalls, "I was thinking, 'I've just bought those trainers and they've got blood all over them.' That is the most stupid thing that goes through your head."

And, while she waited 40 minutes for an ambulance as medical teams on the scene prioritised the motorbike policeman, she recalls she also snapped at a paramedic who was trying to help her by cutting down her beloved fingernails.

She adds, "This woman started to take my polish off and cut my nails - it was obviously for circulation but I didn't know that then.

"I was like, 'Get off my nails. What are you doing with my nails?'"