Sir Paul McCartney's campaigning wife Heather Mills MCCARTNEY has caused an outcry with her latest project, to try and eradicate milk from the UK's diet. Mills MCCartney claims dairy products are damaging to health, and she credits a milk-free lifestyle for helping her recover from a post-operative infection after her leg was amputated following an accident in 1993. The former model will speak at a London event organised by the Vegetarian And Vegan Foundation in May (06). She will appear alongside scientists who claim dairy products cause cancer. But nutritionists are concerned her crusade could see a rise in severe calcium deficiency, as most people already need to step up their intake of the bone-building mineral. Trevor Reid, of the UK's National Osteoporosis Society, says, "Anything that is encouraging teenagers to take calcium out of their diet is a concern. "We know eating dairy products is one of the best ways of getting calcium into the body." Doctor Lesley Walker of Cancer Research UK adds, "Several studies have tried to find out if milk affects cancer risk, but these have been inconclusive."