Sir Paul McCartney's campaigning wife Heather Mills MCCARTNEY has helped launch a celebrity shoe auction to raise money for a landmine charity. The former model displayed some of the 80 pairs of shoes to be sold on auction website eBay, including a pair of her ex-beatle husband's slip-on footwear and her black stiletto boots. Other shoes donated include BLUR star Damon Albarn's basketball shoes and black velvet ankle boots belonging to supermodel Claudia Schiffer. The auction, which begins on Thursday (23MAR06), is raising funds for the Mines Advisory Group (MAG). Mills MCCartney, who lost part of one leg in a 1993 road accident, is an outspoken landmine campaigner. She says, "We thought shoes would be a good idea because the largest percentage of civilians that are blown up by mines lose limbs, mostly their feet and legs. "It is always hard to try and think of innovative ways to raise funds, so we thought we could try and auction off some shoes. We have got 80 pairs of shoes at the moment and if any celebrities hear about this, please send some more in."