Sir Paul McCartney's wife Heather Mills MCCARTNEY clashed with Canadian government minister DANNY WILLIAMS live on television last night (03MAR06) over the controversial seal slaughter in Newfoundland. The former beatle and his activist wife journeyed to the ice floes of the Gulf Of St Lawrence on Thursday (02MAR06) to bring media attention to the cruel practice. After discussing the seal clubbing industry in Canada on talk show LIVE WITH LARRY KING on CNN, the MCCartneys gave Newfoundland premier Williams the chance to defend the controversial practice. During the live show, Williams accused Mills MCCartney of being "sensational", adding, "My concern here is that the MCCartneys are not completely informed. I recognise that they're active. I recognise their zeal." After Williams insisted "90 per cent" of the seals are killed by bullet, rather than clubbing, a passionate Mills MCCartney fired back, "Well, it's just not true. It's complete and absolute rubbish. Most of them are shot and clubbed in a 'hacky' pick thing, which is a tall, long hook and then they hit them once with it and drag them along the ground. And they only use the one bullet." When Williams brought up vegetarianism and animal charities, Mills MCCartney said, "Why are you going off on a tangent? Why are you not sticking to the seal hunt, the fact that it's used for fashion, the fact that they are inhumanely killed and hours and hours and years and years of footage to prove it? "You're such a politician. You keep going off on irrelevant things like beef that people eat, fish that people eat. People don't eat seals." MCCartney attempted to reason with Williams, saying, "The point we're making here is that this is inhumane. No matter how much you say it is humane, it isn't. This is a small percentage of the fishermen's income." MCCartney insisted his battle was with the Canadian government over the hunting, not the Canadian people, saying, "A majority of the Canadian people say they don't want it to continue. "As I said before, you've (Williams) got a boycott that's costing you millions at the moment on the Red Lobster front. And these are the kind of things that would end if the seal hunt ended. It's a win-win situation, Danny. Go for it."