Sir Paul McCartney's ex Heather Mills was responsible for leaking a bogus story about the rocker's heart problems earlier this year (08) in a bid to discredit the star.
The former Beatle was alleged to have undergone a secret coronary angioplasty operation in December 2007, after doctors warned MCCartney that his reported drink and marijuana habits had contributed to the health scare.
MCCartney subsequently blasted the reports, insisting he never had such an operation.
And now Mills' former publicist Michele Elyzabeth has confessed to releasing the story to the media herself - on the instruction of the ex-glamour model.
She says, "Heather instructed me to leak news about Paul's op in a bid to win sympathy.
"She told me his procedure was the result of drinking too much red wine and smoking too much dope. I don't know if that was true, but I greatly doubt it now.
"Heather had first told me about Paul's heart problem in 2006 when they were still married. She said his doctor had told him to stop smoking pot and drinking because he was going to die. She claimed he didn't care and refused to stop. But he still went ahead and had the op.
"Heather never produced any evidence to back it up, but she insisted it was true so she wanted it out there."