Sir Paul McCartney's estranged wife Heather Mills has added her voice to celebrity criticism of the genocide in Darfur. So far George Clooney and SIR Bob Geldof have been outspoken campaigners of the humanitarian crisis, and activist Mills is also keen to highlight the escalating situation. She's in negotiations with international charity Aegis Trust to become a patron and even visit war-torn western Sudan. A spokesman for the charity confirms, "Ms Mills is very supportive of our Darfur campaign and wants to help push that on. She is lending her profile to the campaign. We are in dialogue with her." Mills, who already campaigns against animal abuse and landmines, says, "I've seen Srebrenica. I've seen what happens when the powerful nations of the world stand by. "Politicians everywhere now have to shoulder their responsibility to protect Darfur's Africans. "Twelve years after Rwanda and 11 years after Srebrenica, we are on the verge of seeing it all happen again. "If the people of Darfur are to be protected though, this has to be only the beginning. I urge you wherever you are, do what is in your power to help Darfur's people. Speak out. If you don't, these people will die and once again, it will be too late."