Sir Paul McCartney's estranged wife Heather Mills has rubbished reports she is dating her personal trainer, and has vowed "never to marry again". Former model Mills, who split with the former beatle earlier this year (MAY06), denies rumours of an affair with fitness instructor BEN AMIGONI in her first interview since her marriage to MCCartney ended. Speaking on US TV show EXTRA in an interview which is to air this week (begs20NOV06), she says, "Ben is not my lover. I haven't got a lover. At the moment I'm totally focusing on my daughter (BEATRICE). It's totally made up." Last month (OCT06), Mills phoned Amigoni's then-girlfriend JO BRADFORD to reassure her they were not romantically involved. Despite her bitter divorce battle with MCCartney, Mills insists her feelings for him were genuine when they met in 2002. She says, "I will never marry again. I'm a good mother. I'm a good person. I fell in love for the right reason. I fell in love unconditionally."