Sir Paul McCartney's estranged wife Heather Mills has hit out at the one-sided media coverage surrounding her divorce battle with the former beatle, insisting the press are out to "destroy" her reputation. The former model - who previously (07MAR07) accused several British newspapers of "misreporting" the divorce - is convinced there is a media campaign to discredit her. She says, "There is a huge agenda behind trying to destroy me and put me down. I'm not a publicity seeker. I haven't gone round promoting things to finance my own pockets. "There are huge powers that create these things for reasons of their own. I don't have that powerful system that he has." But despite the bitter and lengthy battle against MCCartney, Mills still has affections for the HEY JUDE singer. She adds, "I'll always love Paul. He's the father of my child and I'll always have strong feelings for him."