Sir Paul McCartney's estranged wife Heather Mills ate meat and wore fur before marrying the beatle, according to her former sister-in-law DIANNA KARMAL. Mills married millionaire businessman ALFIE KARMAL in May 1989, but they divorced two years later. Alfie's sister, who was best pals with Mills, says she was stunned to read the anti-landmine campaigner had become a vegetarian when she started dating MCCartney in 1999, because she enjoyed eating meat so much. Dianna says, "She only became vegetarian after meeting Paul. She loved meat. "And her anti-fur stance is laughable. She used to wear her mum's fur coat. She creates a persona for herself to fit the situation. "Heather also morphed into Linda Mccartney to hook Paul in. She wore less make-up, increased her charity work and idolised him. "But now she has what she always set out to get. Money, fame and VIP status. "Paul obviously fell in love for a caring, gentle woman she pretends to be. She'll move on from Paul quite easily. But I imagine he will hurt and hollow like my brother."