Estranged couple Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills recorded a charity single a few months after they first met. The former beatle, 64, and Mills, 38, met at a charity event in 1999 and decided to team up for a hard-hitting track about disabilities. Mills has been a staunch campaigner for the disabled since losing her left leg in a 1993 motorcycle accident. In the track VOICE, Mills speaks over a dance beat, while MCCartney sings chorus harmonies. Promoting the single at the time, Mills said, "It's a very funky dance tune which I've put piano and viola over. We'll sell a lot more than number one through all the public speaking I do. Everybody buys after the speeches - they always buy my book." The track was released on the same week as a re-release of John Lennon's IMAGINE, so made no impact on the charts.