Sir Paul McCartney was shocked to learn of a hidden meaning behind his album title MEMORY ALMOST FULL - it is also an anagram in dedication to his late wife LINDA. The former Beatle was unaware the title to his latest album could be rearranged to spell out 'For my soulmate, LLM' (using her full name Linda Louise MCCartney), until he was alerted by his photographer daughter Mary. But MCCartney insists the anagram was not intentional. He says, "It was only when my eldest daughter said to me, 'Oh Dad, that's lovely.' I had no idea what she was talking about, until she explained. "I said: 'Oh my goodness, that's so weird', and she said: 'What's even weirder is that you didn't realise.' "I found out about it on the anniversary of her passing. Very weird." The singer's first wife Linda died in April 1998, aged 56, after losing her battle with breast cancer.