Millionaire Sir Paul McCartney kept an eye on his finances during a recent jaunt across America - by staying in a string of cheap hotels.
The Beatles legend and his heiress girlfriend Nancy Shevell took a 2,500 mile road trip across the States earlier this month (Aug08), driving a 1989 Ford Bronco from east to west on the historic Route 66.
And the pair stuck to the simple life during the relaxing break - camping or staying at cheap hotels - and impressed people they met along the way with their down-to-earth attitude.
John Burras, manager of Nonna's restaurant in Oklahoma City, says the Hey Jude hitmaker ordered a simple vegetarian meal while staying in town - after phoning in from his hotel room and asking if the quiche was meat-free.
Burras tells the New York Post, "The person who took the call actually said no. I immediately called back and said yes. I was damn sure I was going to make it, and I did.
"I guess now the only person bigger to cook for is the Pope."
Others who met MCCartney on the trip spoke of how friendly the superstar was.
Phyllis Payne, manager of the Ambassador Hotel in Amarillo, Texas - where the couple stayed in a $149-a-night (GBP75) suite - says, "He was the most gracious, warm gentleman you could meet. We were just thrilled to have him. He was endearing and left a spot in our hearts."