Sir Paul McCartney's children have begged him to go into hiding when he turns 64 next year (06), so he can avoid the cringe-worthy media references to THE Beatles hit WHEN I'M SIXTY-FOUR.

But the singer is tempted to revel in the moment - and he has even discussed revamping the song.

He says, "My kids have told me, 'Dad, you must not be on the face of the planet next year.'

"Or else I'll be in the thick of it. I'm taking suggestions."

Earlier this year, McCartney joked about updating the song: "I was on holiday and there was this lady and she said, 'I do one of your songs... When I'm Sixty-Four. I hope you don't mind, I've had to rewrite it to WHEN I'M EIGHTY-FOUR because the people don't think that 64's very old.

"I might be taking a hint from her next year."