LATEST: Sir Paul McCartney and estranged wife Heather Mills have rubbished reports the ex-model has won sole custody of their daughter BEATRICE. Mills' US spokeswoman MICHELE ELYZABETH made the allegation on American TV show EXTRA, claiming Mills went to court on Friday (02JUN06) in London and received an order granting her full custody, with MCCartney receiving visitation rights. However, the former beatle's publicist STUART BELL tells People the report is "total rubbish." Mills' UK rep, ANYA NOAKES, adds, "Michele is Heather's US-based publicist and a friend of hers, but I have absolutely no idea why she would have said this as no decisions have been made about custody of Beatrice." Mills, 38, and MCCartney, who turns 64 on later this, announced their split last month (MAY06) after nearly four years of marriage. Their daughter was born in October 2003.