Sir Paul McCartney is still seething after taking John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono's advice - because it cost him millions of pounds. The music legend was keen to buy back the copyright of the original Beatles songs for the relatively cheap price of GBP12.5 million ($24 million) in the eighties. But Ono warned him against the purchase, insisting the deal wasn't worth anything. Pop star Michael Jackson seized on the opportunity and bought the rights for GBP28 million ($55 million). They are now worth in excess of GBP500 million ($975 million) and part-owned by Sony. Beatles producer SIR GEORGE MARTIN says, "Paul spoke to Yoko saying, 'Shall we buy it back between John and myself?' "But she said it wasn't worth it. "At present, the copyright is worth something approaching one billion dollars." "Paul's always had a chip on his shoulder about that."