Sir Paul McCartney's former bandmember DENNY LAINE has reunited with his estranged children after 11 years. Denny, who formed Wings in the early 1970s with MCCartney, gradually lost contact with his two children - son Laine, 34, and singer daughter Heidi, 33 - after he divorced his wife Jo-Jo in 1980. But just before Jo-Jo died last October (06), after a long battle with liver cancer, she expressed her wish for her ex-husband to reunite with his children. And Denny met his daughter recently. Heidi says, "Dad came over to Liverpool to play at the Cavern Club and we went to see him. It had been 11 years since we last met but it felt exciting and comfortable, like it was meant to be. "Unfortunately, earlier that day Dad found out his brother had just died, so we all kind of came together to support each other. It makes a person realise life is too short not to be together."