LATEST: Sir Paul McCartney's family are reportedly fearful of his controversial trip to Israel and are encouraging him to stay in the U.K.
The Beatles legend is due to play a show in Tel Aviv on 25 September (08) - 43 years after a Fab Four concert in the country was scrapped by officials amid fears it could corrupt youngsters.
He will be guarded by Israeli secret service agents at the historic concert to ensure his protection following death threats by Muslim extremists.
But MCCartney's children - Mary, Stella, James and Heather - are said to be "racked with worry" about the trip and do not want him to go.
A source tells British newspaper the Daily Express, "Paul's family knows that he's not the type to back down but that doesn't stop them being extremely worried about him.
"It's his kids who would prefer him not to do they show but they also accept that their dad will do what he believes to be right and won't be scared off."