Sir Paul McCartney's former publicist Geoff Baker has wished the star a happy 64th birthday, two years after he was sacked. Baker's 15 year relationship with the ex-beatle came to a messy end after a series of disputes. The pair only recently ended their rift, when MCCartney sent Baker a rose bush to mark his 50th birthday. Baker has now returned the favour in a special tribute in a British newspaper. In it, he urges fans to remember the "world's greatest musician" and wishes MCCartney happiness following his split from Heather Mills. He says, "How bloody tragic that the celebration of the world's greatest living musician, the most famous and revered entertainer on earth, is marred by his messy split from Heather. Paul has made more people happy and has achieved more than almost anyone else in his 64 years. "He has also suffered more than any star I have heard of: losing his mother at 14, then his friend, the early Beatle STUART SUTCLIFFE, then Brian Epstein, then JOHN, GEORGE and the unparalleled lovely who was LINDA. And now his second marriage has fallen apart. Poor Paul; he deserves better."