Legendary musician Sir Paul McCartney launched his heartfelt defence of wife Heather Mills yesterday (16FEB04) to protect their baby daughter from being bullied in later life, according to the ex-model herself.

The former beatle, 61, was so fed up with reading unflattering reports about Mills, which frequently accuse his adult daughter STELLA of disliking her step-mother, he rang leading British tabloid The Sun to set the record straight.

And Heather, 36, says the couple will always fight false newspaper reports about the state of their marriage, as they're concerned they might affect baby BEATRICE when she's older.

Mills says, "Paul is not only looking out for me these days but also for our daughter Beatrice.

"If these untruths are perpetuated and not challenged there is every chance she could be pilloried and bullied when she grows up and goes to school.

"I am not having that and Paul is not having that, and we are not the sort of people who simply sit back and let things go unchallenged.

"Paul is being protective of his family. He has had quite a few years when there has been no adverse publicity but then in more recent times there has been constant sniping about me from certain quarters.

"From my own point of view things have not been so bad since the birth of Beatrice but Paul from time to time decides that something has to be said."

20/02/2004 17:12