Sir Paul McCartney is so worried about the current global financial crisis, he's called in his accountant to ensure he doesn't lose his millions.
The former Beatles star, who is said to be worth as much as $1.2 billion (GBP824 million) was forced to hand $36.45 million (GBP24.3 million) to ex-wife Heather Mills in their divorce settlement earlier this year (08).
And now he's called in his financial advisor to make sure he doesn't lose any more money as the world faces a recession.
He says, "I actually did phone my guy up and say, 'How exposed are we?' He said, 'You're as exposed as everyone - if the banks all go broke'.
"But generally speaking, as far as the way we do business, there's not a huge speculative exposure."
But the singer isn't just worried about his own fortune - he insists he is "unhappy" at how the crisis is affecting other people.