Sir Paul McCartney placated his Beatles-era fans by warning them he'd only sign autographs if they stopped screaming.
The Hey Jude singer was frequently mobbed by female followers in public, but instead of basking in their frenzied excitement, MCCartney begged them to pull themselves together.
By adopting a calming tone and threatening to ignore their requests for his signature, he soon discovered his tough approach worked.
He says, "I remember one night a group of screaming fans recognised me walking along the street on my way to a gig. I always tried to say, 'Wait, calm down!' It was kind of a brotherly attitude, like I was their older brother.
"I'd say, 'Hello, girls, what do you want?' They'd reply, 'We want your autograph.' I'd say, 'Okay, here's the deal. If we talk quietly to the theatre, we'll chat and I'll do them. We'll have a great experience, but if there's any screaming I won't."