Sir Paul McCartney's younger brother Mike McCartney flew into a rage when he was confronted over allegations he had groped a teenage girl's bottom, an English court heard today (22FEB06).

The 61-year-old sibling of the former beatle is charged with sexually assaulting a 16-year-old waitress at a public house in Wirral, Merseyside, in September 2004.

After the alleged incident took place, another waitress, who claims to have witnessed the groping, asked the girl if a man had touched her backside. The alleged victim burst into tears and her colleague then reported Mike's reported action to their manager GAVIN BATCHELOR, who confronted him.

Prosecutor DEBORAH GOULD said at Chester Crown Court today, "As the complainant was clearing the plates, the defendant approached her from behind, put the palm of his left hand on the top of her leg, slid it up to her right buttock and he left it there.

"(After he was confronted) the defendant flew into a rage. Although he denied the allegation, he was abusive and extremely angry."

Pub licensee DAVID McCARTEN claimed he asked Mike to leave, but he refused, saying, "I'm famous, I've been well known for over 60 years. Don't you know who I am? All these young girls are only after one thing - some money from me."

The trial continues.