A handwritten letter by former BEATLE Sir Paul McCartney is expected to make $27,000 (GBP15,000) in an internet auction.

The singer wrote the letter in 1961 to the German owner of the TOP TEN CLUB in Hamburg to ask if The Beatles could play another gig there. Just days later McCartney met Brian Epstein who went on to make the unknown band world famous.

On the note is scribbled Epstein's name and phone number, as well as two rare photo booth snaps of the singer pulling funny faces.

The young Paul also writes how he has bought a new amplifier "as big as me" and ends it, "Cheers, Paul McCartney (The Beatles)."

A spokesman for memorabilia dealers TRACKS says, "This is important to the history of the The Beatles."

24/05/2004 14:13