Rocker Sir Paul McCartney has discredited claims his vision for THE Beatles greatly differed from the direction John Lennon wanted to take their music, at least in the early days.

The HEY JUDE star - whose feuding with Lennon has often been cited as the ultimate cause of the band's demise - insists his songwriting technique and musical tastes were almost identical to those of the tragic singer.

McCartney's late wife LINDA also spotted their incredible chemistry, often labelling them "mirror images of each other".

He says, "The thing about me and John is that we were different, but we weren't that different.

"I think Linda put her finger on it when she said me and John were like mirror images of each other. Even down to how we started writing together, facing each other, eyeball to eyeball, exactly like looking in the mirror.

"That's how songs like I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND were written."

14/07/2004 21:17