Rock legend Sir Paul McCartney has reassured fans that he never plans to quit making music.

The former beatle is having the time of his life entertaining devotees on his BACK IN THE WORLD tour and intends to keep playing and recording, even if it means downsizing his shows.

He says, "I'm always going to be a musician."

"It's strange - I'm approaching the age when people officially go into retirement. But sorry, I don't feel like that at all. Retiring is not something I'm thinking about."

"If the day comes when they even throw me out of the pubs, I'll keep on singing outside the door. I love my job, the public loves me and the band. I feel like a boxer - when you're winning, the punches don't hurt. Only when you lose is it hard and difficult. My body has learned to cope. I'm used to working hard up on the stage."

And the youthful 60-year old credits his second wife Heather Mills for keeping him so active.

He says, "Perhaps it's just luck? Another reason is certainly my wife Heather. For her I watch what I put on and what I look like. Love is a wonderful thing. It keeps you young."