Sir Paul McCartney has vowed not to translate his bitter divorce battle with estranged wife Heather Mills into song - because he prefers to focus on the positives in life. The former Beatle split from his second wife in 2006 - but is refusing to let his failed love life dictate the tone of his music. He says, "Some people, when they are going through periods of angst, get anxious songs that come out of it. What I notice is that I tend to do hopeful songs. It's just my method. "So I don't know whether the divorce (from Mills) will ever translate literally into song. It might do but I'm not so good with angst-ridden songs. My natural optimism tends to take over. Even if I've got an anxious first verse, the next verse is, 'Well, but never mind because it's going to be alright.' Because I've got to live the sucker, I've got to get up each day and live the life."