Sir Paul McCartney has vowed to only date rich women in the future, following his financial spat with estranged wife Heather Mills. The former Beatle, who has just returned from a break in the U.S. with socialite Nancy Shevell, has reportedly told friends he values her calm personality and financial independence - as he finds it a welcome change from Mills. A pal says, "The fact Nancy is successful in her own right makes him feel much more relaxed around her. Paul says she is not with him for what's in it for her. He will certainly now only date women who have their own means. He won't date someone who is not used to money." MCCartney is said to have found that 49-year-old Shevell has similar qualities to his late first wife Linda, who became a successful businesswoman after setting up a vegetarian food company. Linda died from breast cancer in 1998.