LATEST: A galaxy of stars including Sir Paul McCartney, The Who and Annie LENNOX have followed Pink Floyd's example - by donating extra profits from their album sales to charity, following their performances at Saturday's (02JUL05) London Live 8 concert.

British music retailer HMV has released shocking figures, proving the Make Poverty History concert's stars saw their record sales rocket following their appearances at the gig.

Pink Floyd's reunion prompted a massive 1,400 per cent sales rise for their ECHOES: THE BEST OF album, while Madonna, Joss Stone and DIDO saw their CD sales more than double.

But Pink Floyd responded to accusations that many acts played Live 8 to boost their own careers, by donating their additional royalties to charity.

And the historic event's co-organiser SIR Bob Geldof is thrilled that other stars have also refused to profit from the extravaganza.

He says, "This is very much in the spirit of the day. It's a wonderful gesture and if others want to do it, that's fantastic."

A spokesman for The Who explains, "They were impressed with what (Pink Floyd guitarist) Dave Gilmour is doing. Should any significant extra royalties come in, they'd look at doing the same."

Lennox's spokesman adds, "She feels donations are appropriate. She'll definitely give something back."

06/07/2005 02:45