Sir Paul McCartney fought back tears as he and Stevie Wonder sang EBONY AND IVORY for U.S. president, Barack Obama - because he was so proud to be performing for the country's first black leader.
The Beatles star was honoured at the White House earlier this month (Jun10), accepting the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song from the Library of Congress.
At the presidential concert, MCCartney teamed up with Wonder to sing their 1982 hit - the first time they have ever sung the racial harmony duet live - and MCCartney admits he was moved to tears by significance of the moment.
He tells Britain's The Sun, "We had a big hit with it but I'd never performed it live with Stevie until that night - and in front of the first black President. When I wrote the song it was a much more troubled time for civil rights, so it took on a significance I'd never dreamed of. I was welling up. I think Obama's doing great. He's a smart guy."
And MCCartney was delighted to meet Obama for the first time - because he's admired him from afar for so long.
He adds, "It was such an honour. I'd heard of the prize - it's the biggest for popular music in the U.S. When the President gave it to me, I was so touched. I'm a huge Obama supporter. I really love him.
"When it was the election I was praying he would win. I'd read Obama's books and had an opportunity to talk to him there, in the White House, where I'd never been before. It was amazing to be chatting away, just him and his family."