Veteran rocker Sir Paul McCartney hopes his new album will bring in the cash because otherwise he can't consider it a success.

The former beatle is famed for his business brain and insists if his record isn't commercially successful, he will have failed because it means people don't want to listen to his music.

And he hates the way money-making music is frowned up, because to him it serves as a symbol of achievement.

He says, "I don't know anyone who makes records who doesn't want them to sell. Sell has become a bit of a dirty word. OK - forget the money, you want people to have them. Or else you wouldn't do music, you'd just be a busker.

"But you make records because you want people in Edinburgh, Cleveland, Melbourne to have it. You want to communicate to them how you're feeling.

"But yeah, I think there was a commercial consideration. I wanted it to do well. I always do."