Former BEATLE Sir Paul McCartney's world tour came to a close last night (01JUN03) - but the ageing rocker is vowing to take to the stage again.

The HEY JUDE star played to around 30,000 fans at his homecoming gig yesterday at the Kings Dock, Liverpool, England, and he's keen to tour again in the future.

McCartney - who's expecting a child with wife Heather Mills later this year (03) - believes he's still got a lot to offer as a live performer.

He says, "I certainly am intending to tour again. People say, 'Is this your last tour?' But it has never entered my head that it might be the last.

"It's like footballers - as long as you can score goals you keep playing, and for me that's what it is."

02/06/2003 01:44