Sir Paul McCartney came close to punching top producer Nigel Godrich and sacking him when the outspoken music man told the rocker his tunes were "crap" as they worked on his new album.

McCartney thought working on new album CHAOS AND CREATION IN THE BACKYARD with Radiohead's revered producer would be easy - but Godrich challenged him like no one had ever dared before.

The former beatle recalls, "I was well p**sed - 'You don't like my songs? How dare you? Who are you?'

"There was one key moment when it all rose to the surface. I was in the studio, raring to go... I was in a good mood. I was just about to listen to the track (just recorded) and find my way through a bass part when Nigel said, 'You know that song you played the other day? I really didn't like it. I think it was crap.'

"I said, 'Oh yeah?' and I thought, 'What will I do now? Punch him or just spit at him? Tell him to f**k off."

McCartney reveals he then walked out of the studio and went home to nurse his hurt feelings. He addressed Godrich's insensitive comments the next day and the pair became better partners, insisting the producer was just what he needed.

He adds, "I realised he was looking for a vibe, so if one of my songs was a bit perky, maybe he didn't think we should do it this time around.

"It was good for me... It was like working with a great band member. It was similar to me and JOHN (LENNON), back to when we were just kids."