New father Sir Paul McCartney has another reason to celebrate - he's been crowned the richest pop star in Britain by broadsheet paper THE SUNDAY TIMES.

The former BEATLE - who welcomed baby daughter BEATRICE into the world on Tuesday (28OCT03) - saw his earnings swell to an incredible $68 million (GBP40 million) this year, on the back of world tour and its accompanying album.

PHILIP BERESFORD, the man behind the list, says, "He has suddenly taken up touring and found it is another avenue to make huge amounts of money. He has got on the Rolling Stones' bandwagon.

"These old rockers just keep going and going. Maybe they will still be performing on their zimmer frames. Most of them have now conquered their booze and drug problems and can actually see their fans. Twenty to 30 years ago they were so spaced out.

"They keep their fan base who have grown old and rich with them and can use their credit cards to buy tickets to their ridiculously overpriced concerts."

Other names on the SUNDAY TIMES PAY LIST top ten include Sting, PHIL COLLINS, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart and Rolling Stones Mick Jagger and Keith RICHARDS. Madonna is the top woman, in sixth equal place with Elton John.

30/10/2003 17:19