Sir Paul McCartney will debut his new classical work ECCE COR MEUM (BEHOLD MY HEART) at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 3 November (06). The concert will feature soprano KATE ROYAL, the Academy Of St Martin-In-the-Fields Orchestra, London Voices, the Magdalen College Choir, the King's College Choir and conductor GAVIN GREENAWAY. The same cast also appears on the studio recording of the album, which will be released on Tuesday (26SEPT06). ANTHONY SMITH, who was president of Magdalen College from 1998 until 2005, asked the former BEATLE to compose a work celebrating the opening of the Oxford University college's new concert hall. The first version of Ecce Cor Meum was performed with the Magdalen College Choir at Oxford's Sheldonian Theatre in England in November 2001. MCCartney claims this early performance taught him a great deal: "Eventually I made it all come together through correcting a lot of misapprehensions - a lot was learned before the Sheldonian performance, but a lot of it was learned afterwards. "If it had been a Beatles song, I would have known how to do it. But this was a completely different ball game." Ecce Cor Meum is MCCartney's fourth classical album - his first, THE LIVERPOOL ORATORIO, was released in 1991.