Sir Paul McCartney's London premiere of a concerto written for his late wife LINDA will go ahead next month (NOV06), despite his bitter divorce battle with Heather Mills. ECCE COR MEUM has taken MCCartney eight years to write, as he stopped working on the concerto after marrying ex-model Mills in 2002. The piece is dedicated to wife Linda who died of breast cancer in 1998, and will premiere at the Royal Albert Hall on 3 November (06). MCCartney says, "It'd be nice if everyone did everything you want them to do but it's never going to be like that. You've just got to understand: these are the rules, so let's deal with the reality of it. Life goes on. "I'm very proud of it and I want people to hear it. So I have to get out and talk about it but I was thinking to myself, 'Why do I do this? Is this just an ego trip?' Then I realised that I do it because I get phoned up by people asking me to do it. Asked why he abandoned the concerto in 2002, he says, "I wanted to (continue), but I was married to someone else, it wasn't appropriate. "Linda runs through this piece, it was written with her in mind."