Sir Paul McCartney and pregnant wife Heather Mills discovered the limits of their star power when they failed to argue their way out of a parking fine last week (ends19SEP03).

The happy couple were in Notting Hill, London, visiting Paul's fashion designer daughter STELLA and her new husband ALASDHAIR WILLIS when the multi-millionaire received the ticket for $80 (GBP50).

An eyewitness comments, "It was hilarious. One of the richest men in Britain was desperately trying to worm out of a parking fine. But the attendant, who clearly had no idea who he was, stood his ground and wasn't having any of it."

The Beatles legend tried to insist because his wife has a prosthetic leg they were entitled to park where they had.

The onlooker adds, "Another neighbour ran to warn McCartney he was getting a ticket and he came out and told the warden his wife was disabled. But the warden said it didn't matter and gave him the ticket anyway.

"McCartney was furious and said he'd complain to the council. But the warden was unfazed, waved his hand and wandered off."

21/09/2003 13:53