Rock legend Sir Paul McCartney is moving one step closer to his life-long ambition of making a feature-length animation film.

The former Beatles frontman, 61, has created three animated musical shorts in PAUL McCARTNEY: THE MUSIC AND ANIMATION COLLECTION - fulfilling a dream the he's had since his days in the 60s pop phenomenon.

McCartney says, "My ambition in the 60s was to make a feature.

"I don't know why I wanted to but I just loved it so much. It is a passion."

The multi-millionaire entertainer began pursuing the hobby more than 20 years ago and has been involved in every aspect of creating the story and look of the animated films.

He has collaborated with director GEOFF DUNBAR for the collection.

McCartney explains his loves of Disney films, "You could lose yourself in it, it's a magical world, really.

"I just always loved that stuff as a kid."

The champion of animal rights also credits Disney films BAMBI and LADY AND THE TRAMP for teaching people the importance of animal welfare.

He says, "He taught us against cruelty to animals. He made us sympathise so much with animals. He gave us a compassion for animals."

12/04/2004 17:22