Pop legend Sir Paul McCartney's Manhattan apartment is now visible from New York's Museum of Modern Art - after the centre was given a multi-million dollar make-over.

The world famous museum has added a new floor-to-ceiling glass facade which, unintentionally, gives visitors a perfect view of the 54th Street home the former BEATLE shares with wife Heather Mills.

One of McCartney's neighbours fumes, "I don't know if Paul McCartney has complained yet but a number of us have. But the next time he arrives to stay here, he'll discover he's living in a fish bowl now.

"I suspect once word of this leaks out, people will be paying their admission fees not to view museum exhibits but to see what's on show in his apartment.

"He'll find he's lost every single shred of privacy he enjoyed - which is probably why he bought a home here in the first place."

A spokesperson insists McCartney is not yet aware of the problem, but adds it will be investigated on the singer's behalf.

25/01/2005 09:37