Sir Paul McCartney is to honour his late first wife LINDA with an exhibition of her photographs at a London art gallery. The former Beatles star, 65, decided on the idea with his daughter Mary in 2005, and they have been putting the final touches to the display with the help of the owner of the capital's James Hyman Gallery. The images featured will include work spanning from the 1960s until the late 1990s, as well as portraits of MCCartney's peers Sir Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, John Lennon and Janice Joplin. In a statement, MCCartney says, "An exhibition presenting the range of Linda's photographic work is long overdue, so I'm obviously pleased that this show is happening. "James Hyman, my daughter Mary, and I have worked on it now for three years, and the result is a sensitive selection of works that really demonstrates Linda's prodigious output as a photographer. "The photographs not only illustrate her incredible talent as an artist, but as someone who was very much connected to the culture of the times, and wasn't afraid to challenge herself, or her subject." Linda MCCartney died, aged 56, in 1998 after losing her battle with breast cancer.