Sir Paul McCartney caught up on the phenomenon that is his YESTERDAY tune recently after a pal recorded the 10 most amazing covers for him. The former Beatle still can't believe the song he wrote after waking one morning with it playing in his head has become the most covered tune of all time, and admits he hadn't heard many of the renditions by other artists. MCCartney says, "I realised I'd hardly heard any of these 3,000 cover versions, so I had someone make me a CD of the 10 most amazing covers... Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles." But in playing the covers, perfectionist MCCartney realised the greats had tweaked his lyrics. He explains, "The funniest thing was, three or four of them changed the lyric very subtly. Fabulous. "In the middle I go, 'I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday...' But they don't. They go, 'I must've said something wrong,' like, 'I doubt very much whether I did.' "Certainly Elvis does. He's not admitting a thing."