Sir Paul McCartney has hit out at the current culture which celebrates "mediocrity", claiming it is the reason he avoids Big Brother.

The eighth series of the Channel 4 show kicked off this week with the usual suspects of wannabe celebs, slightly batty people and attention seekers.

Eight million people may have tuned in to watch the first night, but Sir Paul was certainly not one of them.

Speaking on Xfm, The Music legend said that he is against the "celebration of mediocrity".

"I'm sorry about that world because I know everyone loves it and loves to watch mediocre people," he added.

"I studiously avoid Big Brother. I just don't like all that stuff I'm afraid. It's really boring. I'd rather go round and see someone rather than sit in the corner and watch them."

So what has Sir Paul missed out on so far? Well, there's been blonde female twins jumping from sofa to sofa in short skirts and confessions about hairy habits.

Mediocre? What could he mean?

01/06/2007 16:20:03