Sir Paul McCartney can't stand the music of Madonna and Robbie Williams, despite respecting the artists as nice people.

The former BEATLE shared the stage with the MATERIAL GIRL and ex-Take That hunk at the London Live 8 earlier this year (02JUL05).

After Williams' song ANGELS was named Best Song of the past 25 years at February's (05) Brit Awards, McCartney says, "I wasn't that convinced by Angels winning the best song of the last 25 years.

"I think for an ex-boy group person, he's done well. He makes pretty good records for his audience. But I'm not a Robbie fan."

Despite admitting he has met Madonna several times, McCartney's is far from enamoured with her music, saying, "I've met her and she's a pretty cool person, but her records have never really turned me on."