Sir Paul McCartney has received a book from the Dalai Lama in a bid to help through his controversial Israel gig.
The Hey Jude hitmaker is set to play a concert in Israel's capital Tel Aviv on Thursday (25Sep08) but the planned gig has been dogged with controversy after reports circulated stating suicide bombers were planning to target the event.
And the Tibetan spiritual leader sent the former Beatle a copy of The Universe In A Single Atom to help him relate Buddhist philosophy to modern times.
MCCartney says, "I think we're at a very interesting stage in human development and I just hope for the best and I'm optimistic about it. I'm not so much religious as someone who likes to think I take the best from many religions: the best of what they all have to say. They obviously have a lot of things in common.
"I always think of myself as spiritual rather than religious. But I do feel that the world is a magnificent place and that we are blessed to be on it."